Nathan Edward Williams

ShadowPanther was probably the first name I came up with for my company. It's a name I created many years ago. I liked the character "Shadowcat" from X-Men and Excaliber, and thought that ShadowPanther sounded pretty damn cool. I used the name for a while at The Art Institute, before switching to Dropkick Productions. At first, I would pretty much use ShadowPanther for my "cool-looking" projects, and Dropkick for my "funny" projects. Since most of my projects fell under the funny category, I eventually dropped ShadowPanther altogether. These are all from early 2000:

By October of 2000, I had settled on the final ShadowPanther logo. I had both a color version, and a black-and-white version. The B&W version could be used for business cards printed from the school's laser printers for free. The color version showed up in other areas, before I created the 3D version of the ShadowPanther logo, which can be found under the 3D section. Below are both the color and B&W versions of the 2D logo, as well as several versions of the business cards I used at the time.