Nathan Edward Williams

Last Update 2024-02-08

Many years ago, I got frustrated when every birthday and Christmas people would tell me that I'm hard to shop for, and that they didn't know what to get me. This was frustrating because if they'd just asked, I could have given them a list of twenty things I wanted at a moment's notice. This would allow them to surprise me, and at the same time I get something I really want.

Thus, Nathanís Wish List was born. I update this list regularly, and would be happy to get anything on it. Keep in mind that many of the games are old, and can be found much cheaper used than new. Also, if you want to simply get me a giftcard to Amazon or GameStop or Vudu, I will be happy with that as well.

Please understand that this list is only intended to be a guide to help you think of things to get me, if you're already wanting to buy me something. I do Not expect or want every gift I ever receive to come from this list, and I do Not expect or want everyone I know to buy me a gift every birthday and Christmas. It's only there for those that want to use it, and, truth be told, I mainly use this list to keep straight which games have gotten good reviews and look like games I want to play.

Video Games:
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PlayStation 5

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