Nathan Edward Williams

Portfolio 2005

Well, in May of 2005 I got the new Flash site not only working properly (with sounds!), but had loaded in the majority of my portfolio. I think I actually like the color scheme from the template better, but at the time I wanted to tone down the saturation of my site so as to not detract from the artwork presented. You might notice that I dropped the ".com" as I had not yet purchased the domain name. Oddly enough, I only had this site up for four months before I decided to completely overhaul it.

I was reading books on Flash MX, and learning new techniques for site building that would allow faster page loads on slow connections, and make the sites (theoretically) easier to modify and revise. So, struck with inspiration from the graphics in Metroid Prime™ for the Nintendo™ Gamecube™, I tried to create a website where the menu structure was such that the you always knew where you were in the site's menu structure (a good feature on any site), and was such that the different frames on the sides would dynamically change to match whatever image was loaded.

I imagine that I lost just about everyone with that last sentence, but if you look at the next version of my site, you'll see what I'm talking about. It was a bastard to code, to say the least, and I'm not sure that the final result was worth all the headaches. I think that the site shown above might have had a more intuitive layout in the end.

On another note, this is the first place you will see Photo Restoration as part of my portfolio, a precursor to my eventual small business enterprise.