Nathan Edward Williams

In September of 2000, I was asked to create 75 logos for my Typography class. I don't know if you've ever tried to create 75 logos before, but it's harder than you think. Hell, I thought it would be hard, and found it to be a complete bastard. I eventually figured out that she wasn't looking for 75 GOOD logos, just 75 DIFFERENT logos. She wanted us to brainstorm and create 75 variations on a theme. We were to use two letters and one number. Four has been my lucky number for a long time for various reasons (one of which is that it is the month I was born in), and so I paired it with the letters "S" and "P," from ShadowPanther. As I write this I realize that we have another Sesame Street reference, as I can't help thinking, "This project was brought to you by the letters S and P, and the number 4."