Nathan Edward Williams

Whatís New?

2022-01-02Added updated logo as favicon sitewide.
2015-05-31Added NES boy to Fun Stuff.
2014-10-04Updated Resume and Contact Information.
2014-05-01Added Jenís Kitties to 2D.
2014-05-01Added Bill and Monica to 2D.
2014-04-01Added Spider 2014 to 3D, added Photo section.
2014-03-13Uploaded further revised Portfolio.
2014-02-24Uploaded revised Resume. (Now with more Microsoft experience!)
2013-08-22Completed the site revision. Began adding new content.
2013-08-17Corrected the character encoding.
2013-08-16Added bread crumb trails to all pages.
2013-08-07Uploaded revised Portfolio.
2013-07-31Began revising site to align with HTML5 and CSS3 standards, and improve functionality and overall appearance.